- Can I cook on high heat using my Woll pan?

The high quality thermal base of Woll pots and pans heat up quickly and evenly. They store heat even at lower temperatures so you can cook efficiently and save energy. An empty Woll pan can reach 300°C in about 3 minutes. Be sure to choose an oil or fat that can withstand the desired temperature. 

Heat your empty Woll pan remembering the thermal base heats up within 3 minutes. Then reduce the heat in good time to the desired level and add the fat or oil if required. 

Use a Woll pan whose bottom corresponds to the diameter of the hob. If using a gas hob, adjust the flame so that it doesn’t extend up the sides of the pan. 

Try the wooden spoon test to see if fat or oil is at the right temperature. Hold a dry wooden spoon in the oil, if small bubbles form you’re ready to cook. The oil should never start to smoke because then it’s too hot. 


- Why is my Woll pan losing its non-stick properties? 

Cooking oils and fats can burn very quickly if the temperatures are too high. This can cause resins to be left on the pan surface which can impair the non-stick properties. 

Pans need to be thoroughly cleaned with warm soapy water after each use to prevent build up of any food and oil residues. 

Damage to the non-stick surface caused by overheating oils is not covered by the warranty. 

This is why it’s really important to choose the right oils and the right temperature for what you’re cooking. 

- Which oils should I use in my Woll pans?

Not all oils like heat. Choose an oil or fat that can withstand the desired temperature. When cooking at high temperatures for searing meat or stir frying vegetables, edible oils with a high smoke point like rape seed or sesame oil are recommended.

The smoke point is the temperature at which fat starts to burn and starts to smoke. If the oil in the pan reaches the smoke point it may cause staining and damage the non-stick surface. The non-stick coating is so good you don’t have to use any oil at all if you’d like an extra healthy option!

The smoke point of blended oils will differ from non-blended oils. Always check the label.

  • Refined safflower oil (smoke point 266°C)
  • Refined - often referred to as "pure" - olive oil (smoke point 242°C)
  • Refined rapeseed oil – also highly recommended by nutritionists (smoke point 240°C)
  • Refined sunflower, coconut, corn, soybean, or peanut oil (230-260°C)
  • Palm kernel fat (220°C)
  • Grape seed oil (190-210°C)
  • Clarified butter (clarified butter; up to 205°C)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (up to 190°C)

- Can I use my Woll pan on an induction hob?

Yes! All Woll pans from Blake and Bull are induction compatible. Always correspond the bottom size of the Woll pan to the diameter of the hob so the pan recognises the induction. 

Non-stick pans that are used on induction hobs can overheat very quickly if using the ‘booster’ function. Induction boosters only need to be used for a short time. Once the pans are hot, revert back to normal use.

The pans can also be used on electric, gas, ceramic hobs and even range cookers such as an Aga.

If using a gas hob, adjust the flame so that it doesn’t extend up the sides of the pan. 

Be sure to lift Woll pans when moving across the hob particularly on induction and ceramic hobs.

- Can I use my Woll pan in the oven?

Yes! Eco Lite and Eco Lite QXR pans and lid knobs are ovenproof up to 200°C

Concept Fixed handles and lids are ovenproof up to 200°C.

Diamond Lite and Concept Plus fixed handles, side handles and lid knobs are ovenproof up to 250°C.

Removable handles from Woll are not ovenproof. The detachable handles must always be removed before use in the oven.


- Which utensils can I use with my Woll pan?

Woll pots and pans are robust and hard-wearing. You can use all kitchen utensils but we recommend using wood, bamboo or silicone. 


- Is Woll non-stick coating safe to use? 

All Woll non-stick coatings and manufacturing processes are completely safe, non-toxic and PFOA-free. 

Woll takes great pride in providing premium quality cookware for your home. Their high standards ensure that Woll products are completely safe.

Woll uses PTFE in non-stick coatings, as it provides a superior non-stick surface that performs exceptionally every time. Regulatory agencies worldwide have concluded that PTFE manufactured without the use of PFOA is not a risk to consumers.


- How do I clean my Woll pan?

Cleaning Woll pans couldn’t be easier! All Woll pots and pans are dishwasher safe but the high quality non-stick coating will last much longer if you hand wash in hot water with a little washing up liquid. Please wash the pan thoroughly before use. 

Don’t use metal scourers, scouring pads or harsh chemicals as these may damage the non-stick coating.